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    Carrot Patch™

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    Keep Your Dog Entertained for Hours!

     Do you find your dog destroying things? Or just lying on their bed bored?

    That's because they need something to keep them busy and stop them ripping your couch to shreds.

    Carrot Patch™ has been designed to use your dog's natural foraging ability to create a fun and stimulating activity that will keep them busy for hours.



    Yes! We use soft quality materials that are neatly sewn, non-toxic and free of taste and odor. Its gentle on the nose and great for scent training

    Yes. This product is machine-washable

    The order is processed and prepared within 24 hours. Typical delivery time frame between 4-18 days. Depending on your location, you may receive it much earlier.

    All orders are shipped with tracking numbers so you can track it every step of the way!

    Yes! The Carrot Patch™ features a non-slip base to prevent any sliding around,

    We're confident you and your dog will love the Carrot Patch™, but in the odd case you don't we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    If you receive your order and it comes damaged, at any time within 30 days of receiving it, we will send you a brand new one for completely free. Just send a photo showing the damage

    1x Carrot Patch™

    12x Carrot Plush

    (Item will come compressed, should take 5-12 hours to fully expand)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Caitlyn George
    Pup loves It!

    Usually my pup gets really bored of toys or destroys them quickly, so when I saw this on TIkTok I thought why not? Turned out being a great decision because my dog loves playing with all the carrots and taking out each one. Hiding the treats inside makes for a great game that keeps her soooo busy. She spent so long just running around with a carrot and putting it back in. It is also machine-washable which is good since dogs go wild and bring it into the backyard. 10/10

    Berta Pollich
    Dogs and Daughter love it!

    This was a fun toy for the dogs and my 7 year old. The carrot mat is cute and fluffy like a stuffed animal. First my daughter pulled them out out and play catch with her. Then she hid some dry treats in one of the holes and the dogs were able to find and pull out the carrot to get the treat and it was so cute to see them bonding. Overall we’re happy with this set! Good quality.

    Antonette Wisozk
    Worth the price

    Honestly it's a very entertaining thing for the dog, and the price is great for the product. My dog destroys most the plush toys I give her and I end up wasting my money but this carrot farm is such a good plush to have. Being able to squeak each carrot makes for an entertaining time for the dog, It's a great plush and even better interactive toy. I placed kibble inside each hole and the dog goes crazy sniffing each one out and then grabbing and squeaking each carrot. Highly recommended.

    Angelo McLaughlin
    Awesome Toy!

    It’s easy to clean and my dog plays hours with this game. She pulls the carrots out and runs around with it in her mouth. She also plays fetch with the carrots and they sniffs and dig the treats out. It’s very durable and has lasted so long for us. Lots fun for your doggies!!!!

    Dannie Ziemann
    Definitely Recommend

    It has now been over a month since getting this toy. Normally my dogs would have torn toys up similar to this, but not only is the toy still intact they still play with it daily. I have even hidden small dog treats in the holes and they've been able to sniff them out. I had a plastic toy that was similar but they grew tired of it after a week. With this one, whether there's treats in there or not, they will still play with this toy. I have checked all carrots and the toy itself and none of the stitching is showing signs of coming loose or falling apart. Plus if the carrots get dirty we can put them in the washer and get them nice and clean. Extremely happy with this.

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