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    Doggy Brush™ Massage Brush

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    Your Dog Hates Taking Showers?

    Turn their worst nightmare into their favorite activity using this special brush. This brush dispenses soap while also giving a relaxing & soothing massage. 


    Your Questions Answered

    Yes! The bristles don't hurt your dog, but the opposite. Please use dog safe shampoo when washing your dog.

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    Simply run over water and remove excess dirt and hair. Ready to use right away

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    There is a unique band that you can place your fingers through to securely hold onto it while scrubbing away!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 80 reviews
    Anita Pacocha
    Get it now!

    I have 3 huskies and they all HATE showers. So I saw this on tiktok and thought I would give it a try. Happy to say they love getting scrubbed with it, it works great with a little water squeezed in and it gets nice and soapy. The handle fits nice aswell so I can grip on to the brush and scrub them well. 10/10 Would definitely recommend

    Javier Howe
    Great for dog baths!

    This little brush is a very convenient tool to have when giving a dog a bath, it makes for a squeaky clean dog! The brush is perfect size to fit in the palm of my hand, the little handle is placed in a good spot for me to hold onto it.. Really great for scrubbing dogs legs and getting them really clean! So far I really like this little brush/shampoo dispenser a lot. I will definitely be using this whenever I bathe my Dobermans. I definitely recommend this brush for dogs, it works great.

    Loyce Goodwin
    Love It!

    I use it on my pup and it works great! I usually have to use my hands and a bottle of soap to clean my pup. And it was annoying to have to keep grabbing the soap and scrubbing with my hand, so I bought this. Happy to say it is totally worth the money. I just put the soap inside the brush and squeeze to release some onto my pup and scrub. She loves her scrubs so this works great!

    Teresa Welch
    Works very well

    I used to just pour shampoo across my dog's body, but this meant soap wasn't evenly distributed and I had to rely on my hands for lathering it up, which doesn't work that well.

    At first I loaded this brush up with just dog shampoo and it didn't seem to work very well. Once I added a little water, things got much better. It made it super easy to lather the dog up in the shower very evenly. The silicone bristles worked great at making a lather and spreading it all over her coat. It think it also helped a lot of hair to shed in the shower, which is great and saves me brushing or shedding around my house later.

    My dog hates showers, but I think she kind of liked being brushed with this brush, particularly on her head and behind the ears.

    This is a great solution that makes difficult dog washing a fair bit easier and better. I would definitely get this if I was getting a new dog and I wish I had it earlier

    Jettie Will

    Top brush for my golden retriever. She usually hates showers but whenever I scrub her she smiles and it soooooo cute! Its so convenient for the soap to be inside the brush so that it dispenses and I scrub. The handle fits my hand well and I'm happy with my purchase

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